Affording Adventure - part ll

   Firstly, I want to thank anyone & everyone who has been visiting my blog. I have been silent for the past two months, yet I see unanticipated traffic to my site. You are praiseworthy! I appreciate the forward-looking support as I've been in this creative cocoon, building what's next in my life. 

   As you know, I am planning a wedding, but equally significant, our honeymoon. I'm having a dreamy time arranging the details for that first grand adventure we embark upon as a married couple!  Having financial freedom & abundance is important in my everyday life, thusly guiding our budgetary decisions when it comes to the big day. It takes some sacrifice to pay for things I normally would not spend money on, like an elegant dress or a buffet table of food! Earlier this year, I wrote about ways to afford adventure (read here) by using a series of yard sales to fund extra costs. After two short half days of bartering from my front lawn, I profited $728.00 just from selling things that weren't valuable to me anymore. It was a very successful approach to accruing extra honeymoon money with minimal forfeit of my time. I also saved around $300 by photographing my own engagement session. Will I ever do anything like this again? NO. It was stressful being the photographer (and creative director, stylist, set builder, model, retoucher, etc) but completely worth it for this one time, especially since I had a specific vision. 

   So, there's my quick update on how I am planning a wedding, a honeymoon, a trip to Hawaii for my friend's wedding, a destination bachelorette party, all while paying rent on time & keeping the lights on. Travel, or any other extraordinary adventure in life, is so possible when approached with a game plan. 

Enjoy my absolute favorite photos from our shoot!