NYC, Detroit, Key West, Kauai, Vietnam

Hello Good People! 

First blog post alert. 

Here's a quick introduction into my world:

My name is Abby. I live in Columbus, Ohio & I am an in-house photographer for a large corporation based here. I travel for work a lot & when I'm not working, I travel around with my fiancé (aka "My Everyday Sweetie). My life is one great adventure. All by design! I love living with a smile & experiencing this awesome world.


As you can tell by this blog title, I have a lot of adventure planned (and a few more destinations yet to be planned):

  • Hilton Head Island, South Carolina in August 2016
  • Punta Cana, Dominican Republic in September 2016
  • New York City in October 2016
  • Detroit, Michigan in November 2016
  • Key West, Florida in February 2017
  • Kauai, Hawaii in April 2017
  • A multi-city adventure around Vietnam in August 2017

I can say that this lifestyle is perfect for me because the energetic charge of travel allows me to live in a strong state of inspiration. I love this state of consciousness because when I'm inspired, I am literally "In Spirit". In my spirit. It's a beautiful place of truth & raw creativity. So, traveling serves my work & builds the vision for my next great project. If you're an artist, step through the gate of your front yard & EXPLORE! Experiencing the world will do wonders for your work. 

For my first entry, I have no epic photos to share (just yet). But you know where I'm headed & that's the most important step when living a life of adventure… Always have a grand list of goals. In order to achieve anything, one must first guide an idea from thought to paper & declare it. Here's a little process I crank all my best ideas through to ensure they will become goals & eventually a tangible success story:

  1. Declare it
  2. Write it Down
  3. Share it
  4. Believe it
  5. Live it
  6. Achieve it

Simple & Effective. 

And on July 27th, 2016 at 8:43pm, I have concluded my very first blog post. 

History Made.