The Five Directions

   In order to attract new experiences into your life, gain knowledge, have adventure, and grow,  one must wander. One must be willing to travel. Leave point A to arrive a point B. In my life, there are five directions that I seek out; North, South, East, West and Inward. 

   Traveling inward will be the deepest, sometimes darkest place you could ever visit. If you're  truly open for adventure, hiking a mountain in the North or observing new cultures in the East will ultimately summon you to explore yourself. It really doesn't matter where you go, an honest adventure will become a spiritual journey. Today, it is not a Caribbean Island nor a fantastic photo shoot that is forcing me to reflect inward, but rather the new territory I've discovered within my own home. Last night, my Everyday Sweetie (aka my fiancé) opened up to me about his feelings on the state of black people right now, thus echoing his own experiences. Please take a moment to read his brave declaration of despair, which he posted to Facebook:

    My heart is so full for him and everyone else feeling invisible. His black life matters to me.  His friends' black lives matter. His mother's & his sisters' black lives matter, all of my future family. For the black lives fighting in Charlotte, you matter. To the mom that cries at night about the future of her young black son, YOU MATTER.  It's so easy to be silent about a black issue when you're not black. But speaking up doesn't mean you have to start an argument with somebody. For me, speaking up means acknowledging someone's struggle & showing compassion even if I don't understand how they feel. Peaceful support. To grow & to truly experience limitless love, you have to care outside of your comfort zone. Trust me, it will strengthen you. I have very little idea what my fiancé deals with daily, some stuff I see, but most stuff he will never bring home with him. I am marrying a man who took me to Ghana, Africa for 3 weeks to meet his family & show me part of his culture. We spent a day walking around the slave castles on the coast, where we stood in the same windowless dungeon that held the captive African people. They were "stored" there for months until forced to board a ship to the Americas. This was NOT a comfortable experience. I felt sick in my stomach the whole time.  But he loves me so much, encouraging me to leave my comfort zone in order to better understand a struggle that continues to affect his people, my people and everyone.  

   Whoever is reading this, I ask the same of you now. Care for something outside of your comfort zone. Care for people who exist outside of your circle. Share compassion in a new territory. We are all Earth Brothers & Sisters here to care for each other & the planet we live on. Travel inward.  Expand the reach of your love. 


Photo taken by the extraordinary man in my life. Thank you for pushing me to grow. 

Photo taken by the extraordinary man in my life. Thank you for pushing me to grow.